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Charles Proxy3.6.5 free download

Cheat Charles Proxy 3.6.5

Buy Charles Licenses

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a license for Charles. Charles is constantly updated and improved thanks to license purchases.
Charles is developed by Karl von Randow at XK72 Ltd. It is shareware, which means that you may try Charles for 30 days. After 30 days if you decide to continue using Charles you must purchase a license. This system enables you to evaluate Charles before deciding to purchase a license.


Two license types are available, User Licenses and Site Licenses. A user license permits you to use Charles on one computer. A site license of Charles permits you to use Charles on any computer at one site (or at multiple sites with a Multi-Site License). Both license types allow sensible use on a second computer and off-site. Pleasecontact me for Educational pricing options. Please read more about the licenses terms. Last updated 1 May 2008.
Each license is valid for the current major version of Charles at the time of purchase (currently 3.X), and remains valid for all updates up to but not including the next major version (4.X). A license is eligible for free upgrade to the next major version if the next major version is released within three months of the license purchase. Upgrade pricing will be 40% of the original license purchase price.

Pricing Table

1-4 User LicensesUS$50 / license
5+ User LicensesUS$40 / license (20% discount)
10+ User LicensesUS$30 / license (40% discount)
Site LicenseUS$400
Multi-Site LicenseUS$700


You may purchase licenses for Charles online using PayPal or FastSpring, both of which accept all major credit cards and PayPal account payment. If necessary, please contact me to make alternative payment arrangements.
You do not need to create a PayPal account to use PayPal.
Your license key will be emailed to you immediately following confirmation of your purchase. If you do not receive your license key within an hour please contact me so that I can resend – please include an alternative email address on a different network in case the spam filtering is too aggressive!

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